Azimut Yachts

35 METRI No Half Measures

Grande 120 SL
Grande 120 SL A Unique Style, With More Than 7000 HP

It is the most special and important part of the Azimut Benetti Group's mega yachts business center, with its body slightly larger than 36 meters. In addition, Stefano is a shining example of Italian design with the exterior of Righini Design, and interior designs from Rome-based Carlo Galeazzi. 120SL is an assertive treadmill aiming at a combination of comfort and performance without cutting any corner.

Grande 30 METRI
Grande 30 METRI Unmistakably Azimut

Azimut added a smaller model, the 95 RPH of 28.62 meters, to the Grande line of 30-yard yachts. With its semi-custom feature, it will make the owners of larger yachts feel comfortable.

27 METRI An All New 27 Metre Megayacht is Born

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Azımut 80
Azımut 80 The Science of Luxury

Azimut 80 has large side windows that increase the enjoyment of the sea and provide a reflection of the light from the water surface and leak in.

Azımut 72
Azımut 72 Italian Beauty, Carbon Soul

Azimut 72 offers every feature you expect from Azimut. This exquisite Italian car attracts you not only with its beautiful lines, but also with the innovation of carbon fiber use for superior comfort.

Azımut 66
Azımut 66 Most Technologically Advanced Yacht

Azimut 66 goes to the next level for perfection and becomes a new icon in its category.

Azımut 60
Azımut 60 Beautiful, Powerful, Dynamic

Ideal size. A wonderful sea view for a truly calm and peaceful yachting experience and a spacious space normally served in higher categories.

Azımut 55
Azımut 55 Italian is a way of life

Azımut 50
Azımut 50 Reinventing the Luxury Yacht

It stands out as a vehicle with the widest deck bridge area among its armies; This area can be equipped depending on the needs of the yacht owner.

Azımut 77S
Azımut 77S Carbon-Tech Generation

The yacht, which is light thanks to its large inner windows, is ideal for short distances to go long distances.

Azımut S7
Azımut S7 Carbon Game Changer

Azimut expands its focus on performance and technology in the S7. Azimut yachts has increasingly employed carbon fiber in strategic areas on its yachts, and for good reason: The material offers stiffness and strength with reduced weight versus fiberglass, while enhancing interior volume and on-the-water performance. Simply put, less material is required to achieve the same result. Case in point: the Azimut S7 .

Azımut 55S
Azımut 55S Carbon-Tech Generation

Thanks to its slim profile, you can fold long distances with this yacht shortly.

Azımut Magellano 76
Azımut Magellano 76 Unique Luxury Traveler

With beauty and comfort, safety and extensive driving range, it is ideal for long journeys on all seas. Magellano 76 is a special vehicle for those who appreciate sophisticated aesthetics and who knows what a long journey is.

Azımut Magellano 66
Azımut Magellano 66 A True Megayacht In Just 20 Meters

You do not have to worry about anything. The distances, the sea conditions and the deck area are beyond your dreams!

Azımut Magellano 53
Azımut Magellano 53 The Italian Long Range Yacht

Enjoy the beauty and comfort thanks to the different sea cruise options. It allows you to travel comfortably even under different sea conditions; An ideal yacht for long distances.

Azımut Magellano 43
Azımut Magellano 43 The Italian Long Range Yacht

With beauty and comfort, safety and extensive driving range, it is ideal for long journeys on all seas. Magellano 43 is a special vehicle for those who appreciate sophisticated aesthetics, knowing what a good long journey is.

Azımut Atlantis 51
Azımut Atlantis 51

Azımut Atlantis 43
Azımut Atlantis 43 Simply Best In Class

This sporty and stylish yacht offers quite spacious spaces with stylish, harmonious lines and easy handling and top-notch comfort.

Azımut Atlantis 34
Azımut Atlantis 34 Sporty With A Touch Of Class

Everything you can expect from a small yam for 10 meters! This yacht can be used both as an open-top boat and as a cruiser, providing open spaces and comfort for life on the sea.

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