Düsseldorf Boat Show

Düsseldorf Boat Show

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Azimut Yachts:

Gürbüz Günenç Berker Selimoğlu Yeşim Erkmen

05424090900 05337240904 05334996706

Fairline Yachts:

Derviş Korkunal


Targa 63 GTO

There comes a time to think bigger and enjoy more options, all with stylish ease. Enter the new Targa 63 GTO. It’s our...

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Squadron 53

Built to order and built around you, the new Fairline Squadron 53 is the exhilarating choice for those who want their bo...

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Targa 48 GT

Welcome to a truly wonderful open-to-the-skies experience, where you can choose to invite in the warmth and sociability ...

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Targa 48 OPEN

The spirit of the Mediterranean exists in every square inch of this perfectly formed Targa. In its open form, with the c...

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Grande 30 METRI

Azimut added a smaller model, the 95 RPH of 28.62 meters, to the Grande line of 30-yard yachts. With its semi-custom fea...

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Azımut 60

Ideal size. A wonderful sea view for a truly calm and peaceful yachting experience and a spacious space normally served ...

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Azımut 50

It stands out as a vehicle with the widest deck bridge area among its armies; This area can be equipped depending on the...

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Azımut S7

Azimut expands its focus on performance and technology in the S7. Azimut yachts has increasingly employed carbon fiber i...

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