Karina Diary

Merry Fisher 855 Engin Ünal

I was born in Istanbul in September 1984. I graduated from Maltepe University in graphic design. I lived in Los Angeles, USA for about 1 year after finishing my studies. And after I got back, I realized I was not happy in Istanbul anymore. I made a serious decision to settle in Bodrum and have been living in Turgutreis for about 8 years. I am a freelance diving instructor and at the same time a national sportsman.

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Leader 36 Tekin Haksal

We are Haksal family. We've been married for 24 years. I am an engineer and my wife is an architect. We have two sons aged 17 and 13. We are doing our own business. We spend most of the summer months in Bodrum. We love to travel with family. We visited many places in Turkey and abroad. After that we want to wander the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts on their own.

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