Merry Fisher 855 Engin Ünal

I was born in Istanbul in September 1984. I graduated from Maltepe University in graphic design. I lived in Los Angeles, USA for about 1 year after finishing my studies. And after I got back, I realized I was not happy in Istanbul anymore. I made a serious decision to settle in Bodrum and have been living in Turgutreis for about 8 years. I am a freelance diving instructor and at the same time a national sportsman.

“ How did your curiosity to the sea begin?”

My curiosity to the sea started with my dad when I was very young. He is a good harpoon hunter. And I felt the excitement of the fish he caught and now I must be in the water :). And with my father's first mask and snorkel, salty water was now circulating in my veins. We are still diving together with him.

“How did your Jeanneau brand choice gain clarity?”

Last year (2016) I came to Istanbul for a visit to the Eurasia Boat Show. After a long search, we had a few boats in our minds. However, we entered Karina stand and met our current technician, Merry Fisher 795. First look and true love was great :). Of course, we gave our warm hospitality before that and afterwards informed our shots.

“Can you tell us about your journey with the boat?”

My first trip with the boat was 1 day after the boat was delivered. Unfortunately, we were not very lucky. The weather was really bad and we had to go to Bodrum from Istanbul. Anyway, we got dark and we got out. Finally I said that we got this boat. It was a really great experience for me. At the same time I got the chance to get to know the boat. It was a very enjoyable trip for 2 days.

“İlk defa tekne alacak olanlara öneriniz nedir?”

I strongly advise them to go to Karina and meet these beautiful people if they are going to take the boat for the first time. Karina is a company that thinks everything so carefully and is behind the product she sells. Thanks for everything.

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