Leader 36 Tekin Haksal

We are Haksal family. We've been married for 24 years. I am an engineer and my wife is an architect. We have two sons aged 17 and 13. We are doing our own business. We spend most of the summer months in Bodrum. We love to travel with family. We visited many places in Turkey and abroad. After that we want to wander the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts on their own.

“ How did your curiosity to the sea begin?”

We always had our curiosity to the sea. We are a sea country and the sea has always been in our lives. I spent my childhood in Ayvalık and Mersin. My wife also grew up in the Marmara Sea. We bought a house from Bodrum for our children to grow up with the sea. We aim to see the world's oceans in our travels; Atlas, Pacific and Indian Ocean. We visited the North Sea, the Mediterranean bell, the Gulf of Biscay, the frozen seas of Scandinavia. Make sure none compete with the bright blue of the Aegean Sea.

“How did your Jeanneau brand choice gain clarity?”

We knew Jeanneau was in a top quality segment. It was important for us to find the model we would be comfortable with. The technique did not have to be very big, but we wanted it to be spacious. Jeanneau presented this comfort to us with his new design and color choice. Another important issue is the deck. The comfort and practicality of the area where life lasted on the boat was important. We have seen driving, viewing comfort and sitting on deck, ergonomics of rest better than other brands.

“Can you tell us about the journey you made with the boat?”

For the first time, we used the boat along the route from Istanbul to Bodrum. Marmara Sea, Ayvalik, Mytilini, Chios, Samos, Kalimnos route to Turgutreis'te brought. It's the first time we've gotten to the boat, it's always been so easy to get together in the first hours. The maritime performance along the long road has been outstanding. The Greek islands that we had the opportunity to get to know other Aegean coasts were also worth seeing.

“What are your recommendations to those who will take the boat for the first time?”

First, on any boat (rental or friend's boat), they do not decide how to get a boat without a certain amount of time. Everyone can have different priorities depending on the preferences and lifestyles of the boat on time / cost. Talking to boat-owner people to determine their wishes and how they can be comfortable will prevent regrets that can be experienced after they have been taken.

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