The world's largest and most prestigious Italian yacht maker Azimut Yachts we held on behalf of "Azimut Turkey SummerWave 2018" the event brought together all boat lovers.

Turkey, which is the industry leader in the international yachting Karina traditional "Azimut Turkey Summer Meeting II",  was held in Bodrum, Serafina Mare. Azimut 72 made Turkey premiere model was also launched for the first time in the evening event.

In a collobration with Jaguar,  we invited discover the privileges of Karina Marine Group and Azimut Yachts in a stylish Bodrum summer night.

Azimut Yachts Azimut Yachts and attended all boat enthusiasts with the combined meeting of the Azimut Yachts CEO Marco Vallee collection for the first time successfully by private boat or representing the Istanbul-based sales company in Turkey Karina Marine group.

Azmut Yachts General Manager Marco Valle, General Manager of Karina Marine Group Murat Soydaş and Board Member Ersev Sevinçer hosted a special invitation from the world of business, art and society, many famous names attended.

Turkey Launched Azimut 72 model also found the opportunity to closely examine the guests, invited Selen Beytekin in jazz performance and Dogus Çabakçor had a delightful time with the performance.

Azimut Yachts General Manager Marco Valle, "Azimut Endless Summer Wave party in Bodrum again I am very happy. in Turkey to meet with the owners of the boat and spend good time with them our opinion on the new model and a very good opportunity to gather comments. We are creating a community where we share the pleasure of being a part of the Azimut Yachts family. "

Karina Yachting General Manager Murat Kinsman, "We are Azimut Yachts of last year with our take on the representative of Turkey also saw an exceptionally large interest we held in the basement of Azimut Summer realized 2nd in the after Meeting with much more interest again. We are delighted to share with Serafina Mare's magnificent view, quality and service understanding, the support of our partners with whom we cooperate and our distinguished friendship with whom we share the sea and boat love for many years with this beautiful night we have realized with the dedication of the Karina team. Karina Yachting, which has been among the leading in the industry for nearly 30 years, will continue to grow even more with Azimut Yachts. With Azimut Yachts, we will have great surprises for boat passengers next year. "

Azimut Yachts as well as the flybridge series, Grande, S Magellano Atlantis series and also holds the representation of yachting Karina, to be released new models of the brand will continue to introduce boat lovers in Turkey.


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