Numarine 32 XP Sold Its 3rd Hull 27.10.2017 15:03 Numarine 32 XP Sold Its 3rd Hull

32 XP, produced by Numarine, is the first explorer super yacht to produce by Turkish shipyard. The first line of the series was sold in October 2016 and was launched in a special invitation to Istanbul in June 2017.

Model number two was sold in June 2017. The delivery date of the hull number 2 which  is sold at July 2017 was announced to be launched at the summer of 2018. The third of the 32 XP model sold. Hull number 3 is expected to be delivered to its Egyptian owner in early 2019 continues to be attracted by the international press.

With just over 300 gross tons and over 300 square feet of spacious living space, the 32XP offers many moments of joy and silence, as well as vibrant isolation for guests.

For detailed information about 32 XP, please click here.



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