Numarine Factory Days 23.01.2017 22:24 Numarine Factory Days

Karina Yachting, a Turkish distributor of Numarine Performance Yachts, carried out a province on 5-7 May 2016.

2015 Istanbul Exporters' Unions, Ship and Yacht Exporters Association Birdies Yacht Sector first opened its doors to its customers in the shipyard of Numarine's Gebze.

During the three-day event, visitors are given the chance to witness all stages of production from the mold stage to the final stage of the water descent. With the advanced technology used by Numarine, it is appreciated that every part of the craft is produced in the ship's shipbuilding, while our appreciation adds to our common saying: "Production standards must be repeated for our friends who are far above our expectations and better than many shipyards around the world and Factory Days can not come."



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