Prestige Strengthens Her Success

Prestige Strengthens Her Success 11.01.2017 Prestige Strengthens Her Success

PRESTIGE consolidates their position in the very competitive market of luxury power boats by making a complete, modern offer in terms of design as well as interior accommodation.

The success of the PRESTIGE brand is the fruit of a daring development plan for new models associated with an ambitious strategy to conquer the key international markets.

In 2017 PRESTIGE keeps on developing her offer by relying on a world network of experts that is always growing.

For the 2017 season, PRESTIGE is announcing two major new models, one of which is the PRESTIGE 560. This new PRESTIGE features the original shape of the PRESTIGE 550, yet offers additional advantages.

The Prestige line of luxury yachts is expanding. Created in 2009, the PRESTIGE 620 was the first of the PRESTIGE yachts. After the PRESTIGE 750 and 680, the new PRESTIGE 630 will take her place, and adopt the latest innovations by Garroni Design. 

All the key concepts that have made the PRESTIGE line so successful are present in this new exceptional yacht.



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