Sportjet 345

It is produced for boats between 16 - 21 m / 52-69 feet. One of the latest versions of this exciting Sportjet range offers those who own smaller yachts the opportunity to experience those moments of high performance riding and fun. Whether you're shooting someone who wants to take a ski or keep looking for pristine turquoise coves and abandoned golden beaches - with the Sportjet 345 these trips are always a treat.

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Sportjet 395

It is produced for boats over 20 meters / 65 feet. This beautifully designed boot performs well in all conditions. While it allows you to have pleasant moments with its smartly designed social seating area, it gives you a rapid acceleration with a reliable, powerful engine.

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Sportjet 435

We've designed the SportJet 435 to fit on 20m+ yachts, available with either the standard 90hp engine or an optional 130hp BRP Rotax designed to satisfy thrill seeking waterskiers who require the extra torque and speed the larger engine delivers. Thanks to the high performance sports hull you can carry upto 7 people in comfort.

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Sportjet 460

The Sportjet 460 has added space and a bit more growl, with a lightning-fast top speed of 48mph (77kph). The specially designed hull plants it firmly in the water for safe, straight-line tracking, yet it grips hard in the turns. When you want it for more sensible duties, it per forms as a smooth, stable people carrier for getting to and from the jetty, and will fit on the back of 25m+/82ft+ motor yachts. It’s equally at home as a standalone day boat for coastal exploring, as it is as a white-knuckle ski boat.

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Sportjet 520

t is designed for boats over 30 meters / 98 feet.

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