Technical Service

Technical Service

 Our technical team with years of experience regarding the service needs of our boats keeps assisting you in every matter:

• “GUARDIENAGE and PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS” to track and meet the needs of your boat during the entire year .

• Season-end maintenance and winterisation of the boat

• 50-100-250-500 hours and annual maintenance of your engine

• Mechanical, hydraulic, and electric maintenance of the boat at the beginning of the season

• Interior, exterior cleaning and wax polishing of your boat with 3M products

• Periodic control, engine run-up, and ventilation of your boat kept at Ataköy Marina during winter.

• Consultancy services.

• Automatic fire extinguisher assembly and periodic control and testing of fire extinguishing tubes.

• Urgent service for damages and failures that may occur during summer season.

You can call our support line for all of your technical questions and problems. We will guide you in cases we can assist via phone, and in other cases we will enable our experienced technical service team to reach your boat as soon as possible and provide you with the fastest and absolute solution.

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